Scrap Our Stash / Le Jour des Cadeaux

Scrap our stash-1



When I first saw Scrap Our Stash January challenge image, I really had no inspirations of what kind of layout to be created. But somehow I really wanted to create a page for this stash challenge.  After several days’ reflection, an idea finally came out of my mind. I wanted to create a Christmas page by following the sketch (including the position of the title) and the color combination of this book cover as well as all the hints already provided: the stripes on the hat, the snow, and the cat.


sos Jan 2016 challenge (1)


The strips on the hat are my sources of inspiration to use the candy cane to create a string of gifts and to choose the crimson font for the word “Jour” in the title.




I chose some 2014 Christmas Eve’s photos for this layout. As there are too many, I also included some photos in a pocket, which cover is decorated with some cute little cats. To finish the page, I hand stitched the border with the red thread. Here are some details of the journaling and photos included in a double sided project life style paper, which is inserted in the pocket.







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